in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 2-6 October, 2017.



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SESSION 6: Rheology and Modeling of Asphalt Mixtures and Asphalt Pavements (RMAMAP)

Symposium Polymer derived ceramics

Engineering decisions, constructions and technology processes often require asphalts and asphalt pavements to have particular properties, material containments and morphology, macro- and microstructures, so they will be capable of working both in traditional and unusual industrial and technological environments. The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the latest efforts and achievements in the investigation of rheological properties, behaviors and modeling of petrochemical materials like bituminous, asphalt mixtures and asphalt pavements under different circumstances and climatic environments. This session gives an introduction on how material composition, structure, loading, temperature, time and additives would influence on rheological and mechanical behaviors of bituminous materials, asphalt mixtures and asphalt pavments. This session would target these petrochemicals under technological processes during their productions and under their usages.

The RMAMAP session targets a multidisciplinary field of research that would interest physicists, chemists, civil engineers, scientists and researchers from other disciplines in addition to chemical, petrochemical and environmental engineering. Participants of the RMAMAP session will benefit not only from the information provided by the speakers, but also by the exchange of ideas during the panel discussion. These ideas will help identify the needs and provide new directions for the rheological investigation and development new asphalts mixtures and pavements with required physical, chemical rheological and mechanical properties.


Session Organizers and Chairs


Prof. László A. GÖMZE1,2,3

1 University of Miskolc,

2 IGREX Engineering Service Ltd


3 Tomsk State University





Prof. Zhanping YOU4,5

4 Michigan Technological University


5 Chang'an University




Session Topics


Rheology and mechanical properties of petrochemical materials

Rheology, mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties of bituminous materials

Rheological and mechanical behaviors of petrochemical materials under mechanical stresses, temperatures and times

Rheology of self-healing asphalts

Numerical and analytical methods applied in rheological and mechanical evaluation and modeling of petrochemicals like bituminous materials, asphalt mixtures and asphalt pavements

Rheology and mechanical modeling of self-healing and non self-healing asphalts

Rheology and modeling of non-modified, modified, recycled and bio asphalts

Mechanical testing and constitutive modeling of asphalt binders and mixtures

Dynamical behavior of asphalt mixtures during forming and compaction

Simulation and modeling of pavement materials

Measurement of rheological properties of bituminous materials and asphalt mixtures and asphalt pavements - methods, equipments and applications


All abstracts and scientific works related to rheology of bituminous materials, asphalt mixtures and asphalt pavements are welcome in this session!

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