in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 2-6 October, 2017.



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SESSION 5: Experimental Study and Modeling of Complex Flows (ESMCF)

Symposium Polymer derived ceramics

In our days the complex flows of fluids are playing an important roll in several industrial and techologycal proccesses. From a practical point of view the cumputational modeling and experimental study of complex fluids constituted from solid-liquid mixtures with constinuous phase have great technological importances in a wide range of industry. For example, in industrial applications the viscosity of the complex fluids has an important effect on pumping power of a fluid thereby reducing the overall benefit of a higher thermal conductivity fluid. In laminar flow, the pressure drop is proportional to the viscosity. Furthermore, convective heat transfer coefficient is influenced by viscosity.

Session ESMCF provides a platform among leading international scientists and researchers both of rheology and materials sciences including physicists, chemists, mechanics, mathematicians, engineers, students and PhD students for discussion and simulation of the recent achievements in experimental study and computational modeling of complex flows.


Session Organizers and Chairs


There are several scientists participating in the organioing works of this session. The Session Chairs will be selected from from the Invited Lecturers of this session at the end of August in 2017.


Session Topics


Flow instabilities

Shear banding

Critical phenomena in flows

Hydrodynamics in confining media (porous media, diffusion through network)

Rheology of complex fluids

Relationships between rheological properties and chemical characteristics of solid particles and liquid phases

Effect of solid content on the rheology of complex fluids and complex flows

Viscoelastic turbulence, coherent structures and drag reductions

Effect of particle size distribution and particle shape on the viscosity of complex fluids

Effect of temperature and time on the rheological behavior and stability of nanofluids suspensions

Experimental study of complex flows - measurement methods, equipments and applications

Mathematical, computational modeling and simulation of complex flows and complex fluids.


All works related to experimental study and Modeling of Complex flow are welcome in this session!

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